Arthur, American made seamless front and back drawstring full cut bikini, back, swim brief, bathing suits,, swim briefs, bathing suits, men's briefs, bikinis, Bikinilifeusa, Mary*Angel LLC,
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I make these one by one, not mass produced., that takes time so please keep that in mind.

The style is the Arthur. smooth seamless front and back, Inside drawstring. No elastic in the waist.

I use the best quality materials I can find. some fabrics are better than others.
The fabrics are made of spandex, nylon, vinyl or cotton blends depending on the fabric you choose.
Best to wash and hand and hand to dry for the best life of the suit.

Sometimes I am out of a particular item, it would be great if you leave your number so I can text or call if their's an issue.

Handcrafted by Mary*Angel LLC for in Vero Beach Florida USA

Blessings as always, Mary*Angel